The difference between buying cars in Norway and importing cars from abroad isn't as big as you might believe. Today, the car purchase usually begins on the Internet. If you want to find cars that are sold in Norway, this is done via websites such as and For those who import cars from Germany, for example, the search starts at or Both of these websites have Swedish translations.

The biggest concern for most people is that they have to pay a considerable deposit, i.e. the purchase price of the car, without having physically seen the car. Our experiences, however, are that as a rule, the dealers are serious and that there isn't any greater danger associated with importing cars than if you were going to buy them in Norway.

With the help of the services that Ĝivind Johansen Transport AS can offer, the job of buying a car is limited to finding and buying the car.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of what you need to be on the watch for and how to proceed, see our Checklist for car imports.

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