• Find the car on the Internet. It's safest to deal with brand dealers. You can find a glossary of German car terms here

  • Check whether the car can be paid net, that is, without foreign VAT. If the dealer is German and demands a guarantee from the carrier/forwarding agent, Ĝivind Johansen Transport AS can issue this. The advantage with this is that you avoid the work involved in having the German VAT refunded. It's also important that the car is EU-approved and that the COC-document accompanies the car. This must be presented to Biltilsynet for the car to be registrated without having a appointement. Car's that isn't EU-approved or delivery trucks kl. 2 must have an appointement.

  • Make sure that you sign a sales contract.

  • Make sure that the German registration is with the car and that the car is TÜV (German UL lab) approved.

  • Get the German dealer to prepare export documents (Declaration of Exportation/ausfuhranmeldung); this is required by German law. If the dealer alleges that this is not the case, you can find a copy of this Act here.

  • When you have paid for the car, you can order transport. We at Ĝivind Johansen Transport AS have as a goal to bring the car up within 7-12 working days from the time the car is clear for pick-up, i.e. that the car is released from the dealer. The main reason that we can't pick up cars that our customers have ordered is that the money is not there.

  • All papers are with the car: Registration, contract, COC-document and export documents (Declaration of Exportation/ausfuhranmeldung). YOUR RESPONSIBILITY

  • When the car arrives in Norway, VAT must be paid/customs must be cleared. Ĝivind Johansen Transport AS takes care of this because delivering uncustomed goods is not permitted. If the car is going to be registered , we also need a Power of Attorney from you. The same is true if we're going to advance the one-time Vehicle Import Duty.


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