Ĝivind Johansen Transport was founded by Ĝivind Johansen in 1988. At that time, he was all alone and did all the work, from A-Z. Everything from taking orders, picking up the cars and arranging for the necessary paperwork.

Before starting for himself, he had worked for 14 years at Motortransport AS as Transport Supervisor.

For several years, Ĝivind Johansen Transport was a sole proprietorship with three lorries. In 1994, Ĝivind Johansen Transport started weekly departures with transport of imported passenger cars and utility vehicles between Norway and Germany. At that time, Ĝivind Johansen Transport owned four special lorries for car transport.

In 1998, the company was reorganised as a private limited company (Ltd.). When Ĝivind Johansen Transport AS was established, it had five employees, four lorries and sales of 6 million NOK the first operating year.

Today, Ĝivind Johansen Transport AS has 37 employees, 20 of which are drivers. It owns 20 lorries.

Ĝivind Johansen Transport AS has in 2007 transported 30 % of the used cars that are imported to Norway. This makes us the market leader in our segment.

Telephone: +47 32 85 88 30

Administration: +47 32 24 25 59
Transport office: +47 32 85 88 31
Forwarding office: +47 32 24 25 95

Administration: okonomi@ojt.no
Transport office: transport@ojt.no
Forwarding office: spedisjon@ojt.no

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